Todd Mosby & The New Horizons Ensemble

Friday, January 19, 2018

7:30 pm

Tickets: Adults $35, Youth $30

Box office: 573-341-4219

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NOTICE:  Guitar Technique Workshop -- Bring Your Axe!
"Acoustic Guitar for Contemporary Players"
Want to crack the code to acoustic guitar technique? 
With a few simple principles for strong, connected relationships,
this workshop offers a life time of information with a proven, systematic
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WHERE:  Merle's Music, 304 N. Bishop Ave, Rolla
WHEN: Friday, Jan. 19, 4:00-5:00 PM
FOR MORE INFO: Call Merle's Music at 573-341-3020

A guitarist's guitarist, Todd Mosby is a two-time Global Music Award recipient and Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Music Award nominee (the industry source for new age, world, ambient, electronic, solo piano, relaxation, instrumental, and other music genres).  Mastering multiple musical forms including classical, jazz, and Indian, this St. Louis native’s broad spectrum of musical knowledge enables him to create works that are both highly creative and intelligent.

New Horizons Ensemble is a six-member, new age, jazz, acoustic instrumental touring version of Mosby’s award-winning CD On Eagle Mountain, a concept album about a mountain, its music, and the surrounding landscape.  The ensemble, which includes jazz duo Bryan & Lola (performers at the 2016 Leach Theatre 25th Anniversary Gala), creates a tapestry of song, story, and audience participation which engages listeners emotionally, visually, and sonically.  This lineup of Grammy-nominated and award-winning performers also includes Michael Manring (Grammy-nominated bass player), Jeff Haynes (Grammy-winning percussionist), and Premik Tubbs (Santana, McLaughlin, Sting woodwind player).

Todd Mosby New Horizons Ensemble creates an atmosphere of awe and wonderment as listeners travel a path from the Missouri Ozarks to the Mountains of Colorado.

This performance is sponsored by Kaleidoscope Weekly, Merle's Music, and Brewer Science.