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A. General Information

1. Stage Floor

The floor is a suspended sprung floor covered with 1/4" black Masonite. Typically the floor is painted with a flat-black latex paint.

2. Stage dimensions

Proscenium: 45'-0" w x 21'-4" h
Depth: 49'-0" with lift at stage level
40'-3" with lift in orchestra position
33'-9" Plaster Line to US Wall
15'-4" Grand Drape to Apron
Width: 41'-6" center line to locking rail SL
36'-0" Center Line to Shell Storage SR
(shell unable to leave stage)
Height: 53'-0" deck to grid
49'-6" deck to batten high trim

3. Stage access

The stage is approximately 50' from the loading dock door. One 90 degree turn is required. The entire path no less than 8' wide.

There are personnel access doors up-stage right and left which lead to a crossover hallway, dressing rooms, and shop. There is a door down-stage right off the apron which leads to a hallway and the orchestra pit.

The door from the shop (and loading dock) is on the upstage wall and is 13'-0" tall by 8'-0" wide.


B. Orchestra Lift

1. Construction, capabilities, and control

The orchestra pit uses a Spiralift from Gala. It is controlled by a hand held wired remote from either the stage manager panel or a jack on the pit itself. The lift can be stopped at any level. Preset levels are listed in the table below. The stage has warning lights embedded in the floor surrounding the pit which are controlled from the stage manager panel.

When stopped at the orchestra level, a door stage right allows personnel access to the pit via stairs to a hallway off stage right. At the basement level, double doors open into a storage area where the grand piano, chairs, and stands are stored.

The pit is rated to 50 lbs/sq ft lifting and 125 lbs/sq ft sustaining.

2. Dimensions


7'-6" (at stage level)
12'-9" (at orchestra level with bridge installed)

Width: 37'-0" US
26'-0" DS (trapezoidal)

-8'-9" (orchestra level)
-13'-0" (basement/storage level)

C. Stage Manager Panel

The stage manager panel is located on the downstage left wall. This panel houses the ETC Express 125 light console, a houselight control panel, controls and indicators for the orchestra pit, safety light controls, and a ClearComm  station. The panel folds out when using the light board or when a writing surface is needed. It has two built-in dimmable worklights.

D. Band/Orchestra Shell

The shell consists of 7 towers and 3 flown ceiling pieces. The towers are normally stored downstage right against the wall. They are too tall to leave the stage. The ceiling pieces fold flat vertically and fly out for storage.