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A. Control System

1. Control consoles and locations

The main console is an ETC Ion located on the 3rd floor in the light booth. This console has a separate DMX run to the dimmer rack and up-stage right. 

The secondary console is an ETC Expression 2x and is located in the stage manager panel at down-stage left. This console is running version 3 software.

Both consoles are connected to an ETC Response DMX merger and can control the dimmer rack simultaneously.


2. Houselight Control

All house lights, work lights, and aisle lights are on dimmers and are addressable via DMX by either console. They may also be controlled using the ETC Analog Address system. There are 8-channel slider stations located at the stage manager panel, in the sound booth, and in the lighting booth. In addition, there are work light buttons at both upstage personnel doors and panic buttons (for houselights and work lights) at all house doors. All work light and panic buttons may be disabled using a key-switch at the stage manager panel.



B. Dimming and Road-Show Power

The house dimming system consists of 4 full racks of ETC Sensor+ Dimmers. 356 - 2.4k dimmers are available. Power is provided by an 800-amp 3-phase disconnect.

A road-show disconnect is located upstage right and provides three legs at 400 amps with Cam lock ends. Bare ends tie-in is available with a campus electrician required to lug on and off the disconnect. An additional 100-amp disconnect is also available with bare-end tie-in only. All shows requiring the use of these disconnects with bare-end connections must make arrangements with the technical director prior to load-in.

Leach Theatre Lighting Positions 2013



C. Circuit Locations

Location Circuit Count Notes
FOH Catwalk 'A' 10 Some of these circuits run through a patch-bay on upstage right.
FOH Catwalk 'B' 39
Box Booms 8 each There are 8 box booms total: 4 near, 4 far, each with an upper and lower level. There are two pipes at each location.
1st-electric 34  
2nd-electric 16 These circuits are typically cabled to the downstage-left and right wall pockets and are run via multicable.
3rd-electric 33  
4th-electric 30 This is the cyc electric, and all circuits are located in groups of 3.
Downstage Wall pockets 12 per side These circuits are located on the downstage wall about 6 feet from the proscenium.
Upstage Wall pockets 8 per side  
Floor pockets 4 each There are a total of 6 floor pockets, 3 on each side of the stage. They are located roughly beneath the 1st-3rd electrics.
Orchestra Pit Wall / Floor 4 total These are located in the stage floor and on the wall at orchestra level, and are divided into 2 wall pockets left and right and two floor pockets left and right. Each location has 4 circuits. All 4 locations have the same 4 circuits.


D. Instrument Inventory

ETC Source IV
see notes

There are 67 Source-IV ellipsoidals total. The following lens tubes are available:

28 @ 19°
42 @ 26°
16 @ 36°
12 @ 50°

ETC Source IV
see notes 

There are 24 Source-IV PARs total. Each with a full lens kit: VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL 

Colortran Ellipsoidal
20°, 30°, or 40°
These instruments have movable lenses, and can be configured for 20°, 30°, or 40°. These are not zoom instruments.
Colortran 8" Fresnel
Colortran 6" Fresnel
Colortran Par-64
Colortran Far Cyc  
These are two-color units
Altman Ground Cyc  
These are single-color floor units with adjustable tilt.
Lycian ZOT Follow Spots  
Located on the 3rd floor on either side of the light booth.



E. Follow Spots

Two Lycian ZOT 12 HP 1200-watt HMI follow spots are available. They are located on the 3rd floor in the light booth.