Support Spaces


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A. Scene Shop

1. Location and description

The scene shop is located beyond the up-stage wall of the theatre. Stage access is through a set of 13'-0" tall by 8'-0" wide doors and the crossover hallway. The shop opens out to the loading dock.

B. Dressing Rooms and Quick-Change Rooms

Type Quantity Capacity Location Notes
Chorus Dressing Room 2 12 and 18 off upstage right at the end of crossover hallway Each room has lighted mirrors, power at each station, one sink, and a bathroom with shower.
Quick-Change Room 2 1 or 2 immediately outside the upstage left stage door Can accommodate 1 person comfortably (2 if necessary) and has a private bathroom with shower, sink, and lighted mirror

All dressing rooms and quick-change rooms have in-ceiling speakers for monitoring the show on stage and to hear pages.

C. Green Room

The green room is located adjacent to the chorus dressing rooms. The room is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee pots, couches, chairs, tables, an upright piano, and monitors to hear on-stage activity and pages.

D. Costume Shop

The costume shop is located in the basement, but is not directly under the control of Leach Theatre. Contact the technical director for details and to arrange use of the costume shop.

E. Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre is located off stage right. This space is not directly under the control of Leach Theatre, but can be made available for use by special request.  This space also has a monitor for listening to on-stage activity and pages.

F. Laundry Facilities

There is a washer and dryer on the premises that is available for use by touring personnel.