The Science of Ecology Show

Starring Steve Trash!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 10 am & 1 pm

Grades K-6 

A perfect match for your units on the environment and ecology!  Come and be amazed while your students are learning lessons in ecology. This show is an excellent blend of curriculum-based ecological lessons and awesome green-themed magic tricks created by the original, Rockinʼ Eco Hero himself - Steve Trash! Each show is filled with green magic tricks, rockinʼ music, eco-info and lots of funny stuff. Kids will see some cool magic and take home a new understanding of their connection to the planet.

Eco-Learning from the Show
  • Students learn how they can use the magic words Reduce Reuse Recycle to make their garbage disappear.
  • Students will learn why trash is a natural resource.
  • Students will learn what the water cycle is and how it works.
  • Students will learn that the sun generates reusable energy. 
  • Students will learn what things are recyclable.
  • Students will learn that everything in nature is connected.

Cirriculum Connections: Science, Environment, Ecology

Suggested grade levels are recommendations only. 

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