Dark Side of the Moon Poster Design Contest

Stage shot green light


Hey all you Floyd fans out there. Here is your chance to win two tickets to see Classic Albums Live perform Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” at Leach Theatre Saturday, October 17.   Let your artistic freedom run wild. Get crazy, get psychedelic. But hey, keep it classy folks.  If we like your poster, we will post it on the Leach Theatre FB and Twitter for all our fans to see. On Friday before the show our staff of artistic folks will choose the best “Dark Side of the Moon” poster and you will win two tickets to see Classic Albums Live performs Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, along with beverage coupons and snacks for two to enjoy before the show. 

Posters should be submitted to leach@mst.edu.
Please include  #DSOTM in the subject line.
Include your Facebook name and Twitter account handle in the body of your email with your full name, email address and phone number


@DSOTM Poster Rules 

The rules are simple.


1.      Do not submit a poster that you could not show your grandmother.

2.      The theme is Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”

3.      Design posters at 22x33

4.      Submit posters in Jpeg format of 22x33

5.      Submission deadline for posters is midnight 10/15/15

6.      Your poster submission will be posted on social media networks such as the Leach Theatre Facebook, Twitter, website and eblast

7.      Your winning poster may be printed and on display in the Leach Theater lobby on the night of10/17/15

8.      All submissions must be sent to leach@mst.edu. Please include your email and a phone number for us to notify you as a winner. 

9.      Winner receives two free tickets to see Classic Albums Live performs Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon, including two free beverage coupons and complimentary snacks before the performance. A winner will be chosen on 10/16/15.