Campus Performing Arts Series 2015-2016


Joshua Kane presents Borders of the Mind -The Psychic Show for the Whole Family

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Friday, September 18, 2015 

7:00 pm

Tickets: $15 General

Box Office:  573-341-4219

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 Can he read your mind?  Or is it mastery of reading body language that allows mentalist Joshua Kane to distinguish liars from truth-tellers?  Discover your inner superhero as Kane leads you through a dazzling demonstration of the powers of the mind.  Like Professor X of legend, Kane identifies those in the audience with special abilities who will successfully project their own thoughts and tap the powers of their intuition.  People of all ages leap to participate in the strange happenings at Borders of the Mind – an amazing, interactive performance where the entire audience experiences simultaneous telepathy and witnesses dazzling feats of lie detection and what must be psychic phenomena.  Are you ready to cross the Borders of the Mind?



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