2013-2014 Leach Theatre Campus Performing Arts Series

Christian Howes & Southern Exposure

Friday, November 22, 2013
7:30 pm

Adult $35 / Youth $25
$10 S&T Students
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Enjoy an interview by KMST with Christian Howes

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Christian Howes wants you to know that Southern Exposure is not simply another violin and accordion record, or some light-hearted evocation of Parisian café music.

"It's deeper than that," Howes, the 40-year-old violinist who is also an educator and online entrepreneur, says of his 13th album.

Not that there's anything wrong with what Howes identifies as salon fare, but it wouldn't reflect the hearty -- sometimes fierce -- bite with which he and his ensemble here tear into original material and classics from an extended Hispanic sphere of influence. The compositions and improvisations throughout Southern Exposure derive from, are influenced by and/or refer to a swath of the world that comprises not just Spain and Portugal, but Mediterranean France and Italy, North Africa, the Caribbean islands, Central and South America, as well as penetration into more northern climes. Argentine tango nuevo a la Astor Piazzolla, Brazilian bossas and choros, Afro-Cuban jazz, driving post-bop and fusion rear up in the pieces on this program. So do Celtic and Appalachian fiddle figures, romantic serenades and contemporary classical rigor.

Howes began as a classical student at age five and in his late teens he discovered jazz, pursuing whatever lessons in it he could find, whether in school, from street musicians, gospel church services or players he met at jam sessions around his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Moving to New York City after graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in philosophy, Howes found his way into a circle of improvising modernists. "Many years in New York City inspired me to want to develop a more forward-looking voice," Howes recalls. "I try to play in a way that's pushing forward while still drawing on various traditions."


Southern Exposure is:

Christian Howes - violin

Victor Prieto - accordion

Josh Nelson - piano/keyboards

George DeLancey - Bass

Cedric Easton - Drums


Co-sponsored by

Merle's Music

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